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Communication Ettiquette
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Some people have complained over the years about how people handle the initial communication. Most of the complaints are usually women who will state the men do not know how to be a gentleman.


So this forum topic is about the proper way to make an impression (positive)



1) NO COPY PASTE! If you cannot take the time to show your genuine interest.... you will be very alone!


2) Address them by their profile name at the opening line. It is personalized, direct, and shows your attentiveness.


3) Write the letter as if your MOM was going to get a copy of it! If you could not have your Mom read it... then DON'T SEND IT!


4) Don't send it if it contains abusive language or profanity (yes we will catch it, and you will be warned only ONCE!)


5) If you cannot say it right to someone's face, then DO NOT SAY IT AT ALL!




1) If you send links to use the email system to SPAM users to see your CAM, solicit for funds, or visit your personal website, it will not be tolerated.


2) SPAM in any form will be caught and your IP Address of your internet provider will be blocked. They will be notified of your actions and they can take measures which might include suspension of your Internet account.


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