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About Us

About ClickNGoTravel.com

When ClickNGoTravel.com was concieved, it was an effort to correct all the wrongs that have been perpetrated by the Internet on social interaction and travel. With the advent of sites which encourage group buying to gain purchasing power (Groupon, Living Social), we at ClickNGoTravel decided to do the same for the travel industry. Allow people to socially interact and join groups to get better pricing on trips, cruises, and events all over the world.

The result? The best experience that people can come across.

We use a matching system much like a dating site, but can match people (singles and couples) according to the desitnations, events, ages, and travel types that you put in your profile. After you are finished completing your profile, you will be matched to others who have an 80% or greater match to the same things you like, and they will be notified via an email that you are new to the site and have the same travel likes as they do. Most of the time, you will get a message from other members welcoming you to the site and


WHY JOIN ClickNGoTravel.com?


Unlike other websites where your privacy is subject to compromise when they add third party programs, ClickNGoTravel.com does not. You information is safe and not shared with anyone you do not choose to do so.



Unlike other sites, ClickNGoTravel.com is a site specifically built for singles and couples to find others to travel with. Similiar to a dating site with it's matchmaking functionality, we put a premium on displaying and giving singles and couples the opportuinty to meet others face-to-face in a group setting. Don't get us wrong.. families are welcome too... but we want to be the only site that offers something for single parents, and active families too. Also, we will maintain the site to be "family friendly" , no spam, and no adult content... PERIOD. No other site enables you to find the intricate details of a person's travel likes, interests, and passions like ClickNGoGroup.com.



With a unique points system, everything you do on the website earns valuable points that you can use to send virtual gifts, or accumulate to do things like upgrade your FREE membership to a VIP paid membership, or even cash in for valuable prizes from our online store like gift certificates, shopping cards, electronics, trips and so much more.



No other site gives you the ability to communicate in so many ways like ClickNGoTravel.com! You have an advanced email system, interactive live chat rooms, 1-on-1 video chat via webcam, interactive discussion forums created by members, and a groups features that allows members to find others with common interests to socialize and meet.



We employ advanced scanning of email messages internally as well as all postings throughout the website to make sure no spam, scams, or other threats get to our members. Any profiles marked as suspicious or violating our Terms of Service will be suspended or deleted immediately. We value a safe websurfing experience for our members and will work hard to keep it that way.



AmoreNetwork.com displays a feature of businesses listings across the USA which show a wide variety of businesses in many categories offering specials specifically forAmoreNetwork members. So whether you are new to the area and looking for a restaurant, doctor, plumber or entertainment for yourself or family, you will find it on AmoreNetwork.com



One of the biggest things that people like to share with other people is to travel. Whether it be a short day trip or vacations destinations like cruises, tours, and resorts, you can find them here with big savings on each offer. No other website does this, and we are excited to add this feature for singles, couples and families alike! ClickNGoTravel.com will be offering the most exciting trips on a wide variety of destinations that will be managed by some of the most reliable and customer-service oriented agencies.


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